The Light at Dawn, K.L. Montgomery

I imagine it was hard to write about gun violence in America, especially in schools. It’s such a hard and sensitive topic and I commend Montgomery for taking it on in a way that was respectful of both sides while still trying to portray just how much of a problem it is in our schools.

Angelia is a mother of three, who has never really sided one way or the other with the issues of guns until she loses her youngest son Evan in a tragic incident at school. Angelia took the hurt and pain and became an advocate for her son, for other parents who lost their children but couldn’t find their voice, and so no other parents would have to go through the unimaginable heartache of losing a child. She travels the states, speaking on what has happened to her and her family so that Evan can have a voice.

Mark is a proud, single father, who supports the second amendment wholeheartedly, so much so that he is the Chapter President for the Texas Rifle Association. He’s headed out to the same gun control rally Angelia will be at. It isn’t until after the rally that they spot each other across the bar, both of them having a drink after what they each considered a successful day. They are immediately drawn to each other, even if she is from upstate NY and lives worlds apart from Texas, he is hooked, and she did drop him her number. But after learning Mark’s stance regarding guns, Angelia walks away.

The connection between them is strong, but they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, and any sort of discussion could easily go South and turn ugly, quick, especially if they end up arguing their opinions. But Montgomery didn’t write the book that way, she didn’t choose one side or the other, and she was very respectful to both sides as she wrote. In what was probably an extremely hard choice, she was able to give Angelia and Mark common ground. What ultimately gets them talking again isn’t easy, but the doorway is open.

Can what they share be enough to bridge the gap?

Montgomery had warned there were going to be tears, and she wasn’t lying. I stopped counting after the 5th time because the tissues were piling up, so definitely have them handy when you start to read. Montgomery has done a superb job in writing The Light at Dawn, which has such a beautiful meaning. From the characters to the situations, this book is well thought out, it’s meaningful, and touches on something you don’t often read about. I applaud her courage in writing such a hard book. From touching, endearing, and heartbreaking, The Light at Dawn runs the full spectrum of emotions. Angelia and Mark are a wonderful duo and they really make the book shine. Wonderfully done!

For now you can read my review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. The Light at Dawn releases on February 7th and is available for on Amazon for $4.99, it’s enrolled in KU.