Claimed Royalty, Betty Shreffler

Fiora is set to be Queen, and as Queen, she must marry. Faced with various suitors, she must spend time with each of them and decide which one will rule by her side. In addition to picking a King, she must also face trials set forth for her, and they aren’t always easy, but Fiora is a strong woman, she’s knowledgeable and talented in a variety of skills, so this will be quite the event for spectators.

Matheas, the man who has always been by Fiona’s side, has fallen in love with her, and she returns those feelings. So while having to keep her purity, she needs to figure out how she can be with him, keep her reputation intact while becoming queen and maintaining the peace, not an easy feat.

As for the suitors, they were all unique. The heat between Luther and Fiona is great, and he doesn’t seem like he’s only in this for the crown. I also really like Kellan, he’s kind and strong. Shreffler has given us some really great characters here.

The trials she needs to perform are creative and unique, it was a lot of fun reading what they had set up for Fiona and how she went about performing them. I love that we have such an excellent main character who is smart, witty, and cunning. I love that she goes after what she wants and isn’t afraid to do it. As far as her relationship with Matheas, things are scorching hot with those two. If you’re looking for mild, you aren’t going to get it here.

I love the world of Anaukin that Shreffler has created, it’s imaginative and fun. She’s made a great world with a fun and engaging storyline, with excellent characters and the right amount of heat.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in reading Claimed Royalty but I love Shreffler’s work and so this was high up on my TBR, I’m glad that I read this. While it does end on a cliffhanger, rumor has it we won’t have long to wait to find out how Fiona has handled everything that has been thrown at her. Nicely done!

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