Magic and Mayhem, S. Usher Evans

I finished Spells and Sorcery just the other day and was anxious to start Magic and Mayhem. The second book in the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles has Lexie entering her senior year of high school, with one major downfall. James is attending the school and he’s being his typical, jerk self.

Lexie has worked hard over the summer to protect her sister Nicole and the apartment they share. She’s been studying everything she can to learn potions and to further her abilities. She hasn’t heard from Marie since she left, but she knows Marie is at least reading her texts. So she’s feeling pretty alone, not only in her magic but in her life. Especially because she hasn’t heard from Gavon either.

She needs to be ever vigilant, just because she hasn’t heard from Cyrus either doesn’t mean he isn’t up to something, especially since James has made his appearance. But the more time they spend together, the more her perception of James changes. Come to find out, he’s not all that bad, and hey, she has been missing having a sparring partner. As long as she stays vigilant, keeps her guards up, what could go wrong?

I loved Magic and Mayhem, so much more than book one. I loved that I knew all the characters and felt comfortable with the series. It was nice seeing Lexie making a friend because I had felt she lived a lonely life in book 1. Lexie grew into her magic as much as she was able learning on her own, and was a great change for her. Her confidence is probably one of my most favorite things that have come out of her journey so far. Evans has done a superb job in this series and I cannot wait to continue with Lexie on her journey.

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