Berlin Butterfly-Deception, Leah Moyes

If you remember earlier in January I posted a beautiful pic my daughter had taken of the paperbacks I had received from Moyes, I’m going to post that below because the pic came out great.

Deception is book 2 in the Berlin Butterfly series, and I had the pleasure of reading Ensnare last year. (you can read my review of Ensnare here). I’ve also been told by Moyes that we can expect book 3 later this year (November to be exact), and I can’t wait to finish the series and find out what becomes of poor Ella. Here’s my review:

It’s been hard on Ella waiting out Stefan’s service in the military, but she has the letters he has sent to her to keep her going, until, the letters stop. Time seems to keep crawling forward and Ella isn’t sure what to make of Stefan’s radio silence. He hasn’t even communicated with his family, and more importantly, his sister Katherine with whom he is very close with. On the one hand, it makes Ella keep hope that he hasn’t blown her off because he isn’t writing his family, and on the other hand, it has everyone worried for Stefan’s safety.

But as the months start to pile on top of each other, Ella starts to doubt Stefan. There is no reason for him to have gone on this long without writing her, so she crawls into a hole and shuts off communication with everyone who loves her. Finally realizing that this isn’t the life she wants, she starts writing her brother and Anton again, she even makes contact with Katherine, who is now married and has returned home to work. Her desire for more out of life leads her back to some old friends, friends who don’t want to stay in the East any longer.

What embarks is a dangerous mission to tunnel out of East Berlin, to make her way back to Josef and Anton, and to escape the pain of Anton’s betrayal in the East.

I really love what Moyes has done with this series. Ella has evolved quite a bit since book 1 and while she still isn’t completely strong and assertive, she is starting to take control of her life. There were things I wasn’t expecting out of her relationship with Stefan and I can’t wait to see how that resolves in book 3. Every time things started to go well for Ella, something set her back, and my heart broke for her. Deception is very nicely done and I cannot wait to continue Ella’s story.

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At last, the pic mini-me took: