Murder on the Lake of Fire, Mikel J. Wilson

Emory works for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and he’s caught a case in his old hometown. A bizarre case at that, as a young girl, Brit, was burned alive while ice skating on a lake. When the girl’s father hires a private investigator named Jeff to help him track down his daughter’s killer, Jeff gets Emory to agree to work together to solve the case.

But there’s more than just the murder to solve in town as someone is stealing water from the water plant. Is it a coincidence that the owner of the plant is Victor, Brit’s father? Or are these two separate incidences in this small, sleepy town?

This was a fun read as there was a great cast of characters. I liked the connection between Jeff and Emory and it added a bit of a romantic element to the storyline. Jeff is a lot of fun and he counterbalances Emory’s serious side. Wilson did have his reader’s guessing as to exactly what was going on and that’s the mark of a really good mystery/suspense book. The murder weapon, so to speak, was interesting and not something you would normally read about. I liked the level of research that went into making the scenarios unique. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jeff and Emory. Nicely done.

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