Blue Waters, India R Adams

I need more…

The cover is what first drew me to Blue Waters, it’s absolutely stunning. By the time I got to the blurb, I was hooked and knew I had to read this. Whitney is a girl who is pretty much raising herself, having little to do with her distant and cold parents. She’s a dancer and she works hard, she’s following her dreams even if her parents don’t support her. Her best friend Link is as close as a brother, not a replacement for the brother she lost, but a guy who lets her know she’s cared for, she’s loved. He’s there for her in the way her parents aren’t.

Until Harold, aka Crash, comes into her life. Harold is able to give Whitney’s sass right back to her, the banter between them is amusing. Sick of watching Link and his girlfriend “suck face” as she puts it, perhaps she has someone that will occupy her time, someone she could perhaps love. But Crash has a secret that could likely tear her apart, and her world has already crumbled upon her once.

Whitney is a great female lead because she’s strong, she’s witty, and she can give as well as she takes. You’re definitely going to find yourself cheering for her. Crash and Whitney are adorable together, I love this couple. I’ve read other reviews that called them “star crossed lovers” and after reading this, I can agree with that statement. They are so good together and I love their connection. Adams writes their connection beautifully when she says “He pulled me to him with such tenderness it healed a part of my soul I didn’t realize was damaged.” *swoon*

I loved the way Adams started Blue Waters, with Whitney sinking, it’s a great way to get the reader hooked, and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I need more of this couple, and more of Link, so I’m anxious to start book 2. Very well done!

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