Black Waters, India R. Adams

In the sequel to Blue Waters, we view most of the situation that happened in Blue Waters, but from Reether’s (aka Link) perspective.

In Blue Waters, we met Whitney, her best friend Link, and Crash, the man who Whitney gives her heart to. We learned a few unsavory things in Blue Waters but it was nothing compared to what we learn in Black Waters. I’ve been working on this review for a while now because I want to give the book justice without giving away spoilers, which would be so much easier if I did. There is a lot of information we learn from this new perspective.

As indicative of the title, the waters are Black, darker, and the storyline is a lot darker than the first. While love is still central to the story, it’s this deep love that they all have for one another that gets them into a bind. We also watch a really great friendship form between Link and Crash, and I think from Whitney’s perspective, if she knew about it that is, she would be pretty happy. Because who wouldn’t want their best-friend getting along with their boyfriend?

I never expected the story to unfold the way it did. I felt that because of her brother and Link, and then later Crash, Whitney lived in a really protective bubble. So many people have worked hard to give Whit a good life, a happy life, because we know she doesn’t have it at home. I think giving us Link’s perspective was crucial to the story, and it was really well done. I feel vested in these characters and cannot wait to see what Ms. Adams has in store for them.

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