Uncaged, Joe Gazzam

Jason is the governor’s son, and he’s been getting into a lot of trouble since his mother’s death. This doesn’t look good on the governor, so this solution is to enroll him into the Scared Straight program at the Blackenbush Maximum Security Penitentiary. These are hardened criminals, and that is no joke. I’ve read of prisons before, it’s an enjoyable topic for me, and the criminals are never as hard as they’re supposed to be. That is not the case in Uncaged, because each guy is worse than the next. They are housed in conditions that are meant to keep them down, to keep them at each other’s throats, and animosity amongst prisoners runs high.

While most of the other boys think this Scared Straight program is a joke, it quickly turns south when Manning, a man ranked amongst the worst at the prison, turns out to be running the uprising, and he is not playing around. I would even say Uncaged is Game of Thrones-esque in that you shouldn’t get too attached to the characters, because they might not be around for long. Again, Manning is running the show and he’s gathered the best of the best to help him lead this riot and escape. He’s also opening cages, letting the bottom of the barrel worst out of their cells.

The governor has called in a favor, and there are trained men from a branch of CIA heading in to rescue his son, the boys in the program, and the woman and camera crew trying to film and garner more attention for the Scared Straight program. Well, they’re definitely going to get attention.

I really loved the prison, it was built incredibly unique, and while I might not have liked the way the warden kept the prisoners at each other’s throats, it made them even worse than they already were, and we needed bad guys in this story. Once the riot started, Uncaged was non-stop action. There was always something going on and there were many heated moments. I really enjoyed the plot, the writing, and even the characters that you were supposed to hate because they were written really well. This was a really fun read for me, I enjoyed the not knowing. A really great read!

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