Bad Girl, Kailee Reese Samuels

As a huge fan of Kailee, I had been patiently waiting for her to give us Anna’s story and she delivered…amazingly!

“Find your happy ending every single day.” Anna says this at the beginning of the book and I think after reading, you will agree she did try to do just that.

In Bad Girl, Anna is exposing her life to Sal, and she tells it all, the good, the bad, and the sexy. She started out her life as a showgirl in Vegas. She knew in order to move up in the world, she would have to make strategic partnerships. Some of those partnerships were dangerous but so beneficial. Some of her acquaintances turned friend or lover, and some of them turned dangerous, so very much so. But if anything, Anna is brave, she is a fighter.

With each character we meet that was a part of her past, you grow to fall in love with them. Precious Luca who had loved her so much, Wil who had seen the potential that Jake and Dr. Kerris had brought to her doorstep. And of course, Jake and Kerris each have their own merit, and while the going was sometimes tough with Jake, she stayed with him til the end. Each of them had so much to offer her, she was in a constant state of personal evolution.

Even in the hard parts of her life, the ones that broke you down as a reader, Anna was able to find hope. It’s because of her enduring strength and need to prove herself that help her endure the pain. “I cried for the story I didn’t think I could change, but that was where I was wrong. Changing the story is hard.” But Anna is an ultimate Bad Girl and if anyone can come out on top, it’s her.

Anna’s self-reflection is so insightful, she has helped to put a lot of pieces into place for us fans of the Juliet world that Kailee has created. When faced with a challenge, she looked at it from multiple angles, if something didn’t work, she changed it. She had a great crew to help her along the way, and she never failed to let them know she was grateful. This is such a beautiful read, and by the ending, you will find yourself made whole.

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