Born of Nothing, Jill Ramsower

How gorgeous is Cat’s hair? I love it! Check out a few teasers for Born of Nothing following my review:

In Born of Nothing, we follow Cat, who works at the museum with Rebecca. They have gotten close throughout Ramsower’s novels, and while we do see some characters we’ve met in other Ramsower books, this is a standalone novel, and you’re going to love it.

Cat is a druid and they are used to hiding from the fae, so much so, that her mother has kept her on a very tight leash. Growing up she was told the fae are dangerous and only want one thing. She met Rebecca, who is fae, at work, and she’s nothing like the horrors her mother had always promised. Her friendship with Becca and Ashley is the source for a lot of her mother’s ire. But Cat is strong-willed, and while she loves her mother, she thinks she needs to change with the times.

Fen is a fae that has recently escaped the Shadow Lands thanks to Becca’s help. Being banished to a world of virtually nothing for centuries has definitely changed him. He’s a hunter who has had to endure a rough life, making him a vigilant man, he’s used to a life of solitude, and while he’s grateful he’s no longer there, life is a completely different world than the one he left. Imagine his surprise when Rebecca shows up for a visit with Cat in tow and Cat looks stunningly like the human reason he was banished to the Shadow Lands for.

Now that Fen and Cat have grown closer, Cat is keeping secrets, and her mother is having none of it, especially considering she has plans to marry Cat off to another druid. After all, it’s what her friend Daeglan has told her she must do. Because “family is everything” and the druid are her family. He’s been nothing but trouble since we met him, and he’s assured Cat’s mother that he has the answer to her acting out, and Cat has no idea of the horrors that await her.

I absolutely love Cat and Fen together, I love how drawn they were to each other from the very start. I love watching Fen explore this new world and the excitement they both get with each new experience he has. I love his devotion to her and his devotion to finding her and making sure she is okay. Even when she is at her worst, which isn’t her fault, he knows the real Cat is still there and is intent on finding her. He’s patient with her, as she is him, and they are a fantastic duo.

There are a few things you can expect out of Jill’s books, exceptional writing and editing, fantastic characters with strong female leads, and many swoon-worthy moments, and Cat and Fen do not disappoint. I love this world that she has created and am always excited when we get to follow a character more intently because it means we’re in for something great. A fantastic read!

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