Luminous Spirits, Dusty Crabtree

Iris is learning to work with her new abilities in dealing with shadows, and she’s discovering some new ones as she goes along. She’s training a lot and she’s doing a lot of work, it’s leaving little time to do anything else, especially things like hanging out with her friend Lexi. With the help of Patrick, Kyra, and Gregory, Iris is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

But the new girl at school, Lila, is causing a lot of problems, and not just corrupting the guys at the parties she’s attending, she has all the boys attention at school, including Patrick’s. He’s told Iris they used to work together, but he’s never been interested in her. But Iris’s insecurities might just win out and ruin her relationship with Patrick. Meanwhile, we know something big is being planned, but we’re not exactly sure what. Iris constantly has a tail, seems like Lucas has been watching her, and it’s not just him, but someone way worse.

There are a lot of layers to Luminous Spirits. We have Iris wanting to appease Lexi and stop her from embracing the shadows intent to keep her down. How will Iris be able to keep their friendship when she’s never available to be her friend? We have Iris discovering new things she’s able to do when she’s battling the shadows. She’s also having to learn how to navigate her relationship with Patrick, and lastly, Iris still has some growing up to do. She’s a bit naive about things, but she hasn’t been out in the world as much as her shadow fighting crew, and those things will surely come to her.

I really enjoyed Luminous Spirits and the large variety of situations that Iris is thrown into. Crabtree did an excellent job keeping Iris busy and learning. The new abilities she learned to deal with the shadows were creative and unique, and I have a feeling where Crabtree might be going with Iris’s abilities, so I can’t wait to read Sacrificial Souls.

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