The Little Book of Big Roolz, SK Berit

The blurb for The Little Book of Big Roolz is blunt and honest, and it’s a good indication of what you’re going to get inside the book. Berit doesn’t hold back in his observations and he tells it like it is. It’s filled with a lot of snark in the way of CBT but without the actual drollness of CBT. He delivers witty and insightful “roolz” to help you be a better communicator and listener, a better you.

Berit is honest in talking about his years in therapy, and as someone who has and is doing that path, I appreciate his honesty. I appreciate him taking what he has learned both in therapy and in his real-world interactions, and putting it into a book with incredibly thoughtful insight. Because I have traveled a similar path, there wasn’t much new information for me, but the delivery was what made it such a great read. He doesn’t hold back and he gives you truths that you just might need to hear.

A great read for someone who is on the road to self-betterment or even thinking about it. It’s amusing, thoughtful, witty, snarky, and provoking. Berit even included some of his “horoscopes” and I think the one that resonated well with me was “The sole purpose of some people is to introduce you to others you need to meet.” Nicely done.

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