Raw Honey, Amy Cecil

First of all, look at this cover!! It’s so well done and it’s just a small indication of how much you’re going to love this book.

Leaving her would be husband at the altar and pawning her engagement ring for drugs, Amanda Benson was in a bad place, so she left Edinboro with no plans to return. Except now she’s back, she’s clean, and she has no one to turn to. Sitting outside of an MC club, she’s silently hoping for a fresh start when Ice comes and takes her in.

She’s given the nickname, Honey, a home, and a ready-made family in the members of the club. She fits right in as their mother hen, cooking their meals and taking care of them. While she instantly hits it off with Hawk, she has her eyes set on Ice, and while they do make a go of it for a while, when Emma returns to Ice after so many years apart, he only has eyes for Emma. Honey is feeling a bit sore at being left behind, but she starts to form a friendship with Emma, and she puts her hurt feelings on the backburner.

Honey has a clear sense of right and wrong and when she sees wrong, she goes after it with a vengeance. So when Ice has Sainte come to the clubhouse to help out, things get turned upside down, and Honey is having none of that. She becomes hostile and vocal, she wants things to be as they should be. While she’s made great strides, she still has a lot of growing up to do and Sainte just might be the man to help her do just that.

Told in Honey’s point of view, we get an alternative look at previous events. We also get to meet Sainte, and the chemistry between him and Honey is explosive. I loved their instant connection and I love how assertive Sainte is, I think he is going to be really good for Honey. From reading the previous books I knew there was a lot of history in Honey and I couldn’t be happier that she got her chance to speak in Raw Honey. She’s sassy, she speaks her mind, and she knows what she wants. Cecil has done an amazing job not only in telling Honey’s story but in the Knights of Silence series. Very well done!

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