Make Me Forget, Sagan Morrow

John has decided that things aren’t working with Emma, he just can’t handle the poly lifestyle, so he’s up and left, leaving Emma devastated. While Carlos has been there for her, he’s gotten a job that’s keeping him away from home. Alone and with no one to turn to, Emma decides she needs to get out and date. Though it’s not going so well, some of the men are just downright rude or don’t understand her lifestyle. While a few of them do want to learn, in the end, they just aren’t John.

Without John in her life, Emma has to figure out what she wants as a polyamorous person, and she can date as many men as she likes, but if she doesn’t resolve those feelings for John, she will always be stuck and unable to move on. Make Me Forget is about Emma’s quest to try and forget John, but forgetting isn’t easy when someone owns your heart completely.

I absolutely love what Morrow has done with this series. For me, this was the hardest book to read of them all because of everything that Emma has to go through, but it was so worth it. While I’m not out there in the dating world myself, I can see how hard it would be in the world of online dating. I have always loved the other characters in this series and I feel like Helen has really stepped up in her support of Emma and her lifestyle. Make Me Forget is another fantastic read from Morrow and I have loved being on Emma’s journey with her.

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