Truth and Consequences, S.M. Starley

Wow, what an impressive follow-up to Memories and Lies I hope I can do this book justice in my review.

Karen is out from the clutches of Brookhaven, unfortunately, she’s learning that Erin was up to a lot while she had taken over. While she has Nicole to help keep her safe, Nicole is wanted, so they have to lie low. We follow Karen as she discovers not only what Erin has been up to, but as she discovers some of her hidden memories.

Life has not been easy for Karen, she grew up in an overly abusive home at the hands of monsters. She’s lost her sister and she only has Nicole to rely on right now. Thrown into Brookhaven things didn’t get easier for her, they got worse. As she learns the missing pieces of her past, it all might be just too much.

I am so impressed with Starley’s ability to tell a fantastic story. For a new author, her books are well-written with deep, multi-faceted characters. While the storyline goes into dark territory, you’re prepared for it because you know the horrors that Karen has been through, and it’s written so well. A fantastic read, if you haven’t read Starley yet, I would highly recommend you start with Memories and Lies.

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