The Dark Terror, Jerry Knaak

In The Dark Terror, Elizabeth is exploring more of her abilities and she’s getting more adept at them too. She wants to figure out what is going on with Julie and Sarah, especially when she sees them spiriting away a baby. She’s still unsure as to what happened that night with Sarah, and she can’t figure things out if she keeps pushing her away.

In the meantime, things are getting heated with the good detective Dietrich, especially since she learned his secret in book 2, that he too is also a vampire. Though he’s much more adept at hiding it and blending in with the real world. He’s got some secrets of his own and Elizabeth wants to find out what they are.

But they all have a common enemy and if they take out Tobias, they can get rid of Ahura Mazda, the vampire hunters. Elizabeth wants to survive all this to be able to take down her maker, Andrei. They have a rough history and he needs to go. Though with everything going on, she might not be able to do that just yet.

Knaak has created such a fantastic world in The Dark Passage series filled with vampire lore, comedy, suspense, and a hint of romance. So it’s a perfect little package that hits a lot of genres. Elizabeth is a superb main character because she’s strong and makes for a natural leader. Watching her grow over the series, she never disappoints. I’m still leery of Andrei and I can’t wait to find out what Elizabeth has in store for him. And of course, Knaak left us in an intense spot, so I’m going to need the next book asap.

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