Turning the Tide, Phoebe Alexander

Luke is stuck in an impossible situation. He hasn’t been intimate with his wife in 10 years and what’s more, she’s verbally abusive. She treats him as little more than a servant. But he’s always made excuses for her, that it was because she was in so much pain from a mysterious illness. He’s been depressed for a long time and feels caught in a hopeless situation. But after much persuading, his good friend Cap has convinced him to come down to the club, and things might just start looking up for Luke.

Connie has moved to Ocean City to be closer to her sister Casey, who just came through a huge battle with breast cancer. While Connie isn’t a part of the lifestyle, she likes to hang out at the club and is part of the crew. When she meets Luke there is an instant connection, but he comes with more baggage than most men and it might be more hassle than it’s worth. Especially because Luke’s wife Barbara is causing trouble.

So it’s safe to say here that I cannot stand Luke’s wife Barbara, and I think Phoebe did an excellent job creating such an awful person. I really liked Luke and I think he put up with so much and not just from his wife, but his children. He a strong man with a heart of gold and he didn’t take any of his decisions lightly. When we first met Connie in previous books I instantly liked her as she’s kind, caring, and funny. She’s perfect for Luke and I like that they’re learning this lifestyle together.

The Eastern Shore Swingers series has such amazing and eclectic characters with unique personalities. I love that they all make appearances in each other’s books and of course, that they can be read as standalones and together. Each time we meet someone new, I know I’m going to love that character and Luke makes a perfect new addition. He’s an easy character to empathize with, to cheer on and hope for the best. His scenes with Connie range from emotional to scorching to heartwarming and back again. An excellent read!

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