Crimson Lake, Candice Fox

Ted is a former police detective who was arrested for the abduction of a young girl named Claire. After 8 months, they release him as they don’t have enough evidence. But he isn’t out of the woods just yet, they can come after him any time they receive new evidence. So he heads North to try and find a quiet life in a small town.

Enter Amanda. She spent time in prison for the murder of a young woman named Lauren. She now runs a private investigative firm and she has a new case. Famous author Jake Scully has gone missing and his wife wants him found, mostly so she can settle out the life insurance, but it’s still a case, and Amanda is eager to solve it. As Ted gets to know her they both start working the case together.

He has questions about her time in prison and her crime, she has questions as to whether he is guilty or not. As the town learns of Ted being in the area, he gets harassed more and more. Things are turning downright dangerous. The reporters are swarming and Ted knows he needs to not talk to them but Fabiana seems genuine. But it seems every time Ted opens up, he gets burned.

There’s a lot of action going on in Crimson Lake. As I noted above, we have Ted looking into Amanda’s case, we have Amanda curious about Ted’s case, though we don’t follow her questioning in the book as it’s told from Ted’s point of view. And then we have both of them looking into the Scully case. You have actin pretty much from the get-go, especially as there are two police officers who are relentless in the harassment of Ted. Even to the point of landing him in the hospital.

While wanting to find a way to prove his innocence, he’s also worried about his wife. As soon as things started getting serious with his case, she left him for the sake of her and their infant daughter. He misses his daughter terribly but he understands why his wife left. So there’s a lot of good storyline to lend you to believe in Ted, that he didn’t do what they’re claiming. This was a fun read, from the very beginning I was hooked, the various scenarios kept you hopping from situation to situation, anxious to find some resolution for everyone involved. Very well done!

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