Sacrificial Souls, Dusty Crabtree

In Sacrificial Souls, we’re back with the entire gang and then some. The group has been helping a girl named Angela and she’s been hanging out more with them. She has a rough home life and the girls want nothing more than to be her friend and help her cope. There’s a lot going on between hunting shadows, her mom’s relationship, and her job, Iris is feeling spread a bit thin.

Gregory has been asking Iris to take the leads on her hunts more and more, and Iris doesn’t like it. In addition to feeling like she isn’t ready, she suspects Gregory is leaving them and she isn’t happy about it. While they have a tight-knit group, it just wouldn’t be the same without Gregory. Meanwhile, Iris has been seeing Donovan and she knows he’s up to something, especially because she has a job and the customers have been acting terrible. If only she can figure out his plan in time to save some more people from the shadows.

While Iris has come a long way, I still feel like she has a lot of growing up to do. I understand she’s upset with Gregory pulling away but she’s pretty terrible to him, and it seems like she’s always egging him on for a fight. She’s also still insecure in her relationship with Patrick when he hasn’t given her any reason to doubt him. The fact he’s still reassuring her this far in their relationship is a bit of a disappointment. But I love that Lexi still plays such a good role with the crew and I like the addition of Angela. I’m not sure if Crabtree plans to work on Angela’s story or if it’s just an interesting addition. This has been a really good addition to the series and I like what the author has done with it.

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