Redemption Point, Candice Fox

Redemption Point is the second book in the Crimson Lake series and is told from multiple points of view as opposed to book 1 which gave us only Ted’s view. We get to see the story from Ted, Amanda, and Sweeney and I enjoyed the way that Fox did that because each of them has their own personality.

Amanda appears to not have a care, after murdering a girl in her past and having the secret finally come out, she’s pretty easy going. She has a few quirks, such as rhyming, and saying whatever is on her mind, she makes for a really fun character. Ted is still trying to solve who really committed the abduction that landed him in prison for 8 months. He’s a good balance to Amanda and they make a great team. Sweeney is the lead investigator on their newest case, and while all this is very new to her, she knows enough to lean on the people that can help her figure out what has happened.

Fox knows how to tell a good story while keeping the reader guessing. While I had an idea of “who done it” and had several of my own suspects, the journey to get there was fun. We had a new character appear in Dale, the father of the victim that Ted was supposed to have been involved in. He’s not a standout character, but he makes for a good thorn in Ted’s side. Fox has also brought back Khalid, the gangster we met in book 1 who believes in Ted’s innocence. I think having people believe in Ted made the story a little less stressful. Of course, the geese are ever present and I think they add a nice touch to round out the story.

This is such a fun story, from the suspense aspect to the humor that Amanda adds, that it makes for a great read. I’m definitely looking forward to more from this great duo and to see who Fox will bring in next.

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