The Nerd Next Door, Sylvie Stewart

Haley is a veterinarian with a crush on the next door neighbor Ted. With the help of her best friend Liv, she wants to get to know him beyond the occasional “hi” in the elevator. Ted is sexy cute in a nerdy sort of way. As Haley says it “Now, here’s a man who knows how to rock an elbow patch.” (I burst out laughing at that). Ted has a major crush on Haley but he stumbles every time he tries to talk to her. So his crush is going nowhere.
Just when they’ve managed to start talking a big misunderstanding might cut off a relationship between these two before it even starts.

If I could some up this book in one word, it’s funny. In two words, hilarious and sexy. Sylvie is the master of romantic comedy and I always love reading her books. From Haley to Ted, and her best friend Liv, they are all super fun characters. While The Nerd Next Door is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, which I absolutely love. The Nerd Next Door is the perfect blend of romance and laughter, a super fun read.

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