The Haunting of Elmwood Manor, Pamela McCord

My review:

Pekin is always able to rope her two best friends, Scout and Amber, into her wild ideas. So when she decides to start a ghost hunting business, she gets everything prepared ahead of time. She wants to show them that she’s serious. While they’re both hesitant at first, they agree to at least meet their new client and check out the house. While Amber wants nothing to do with ghosts, Scout seems to be at least going along to be supportive.

They luck out because there is a ghost at the home they dub Elmwood Manor. Her name is Miranda and while she is friendly, she’s not alone in the house. There is something much more sinister than her. If the kids aren’t careful, they could be in a heap of trouble trying to help Miranda.

This is a cute book, it’s an easy read and each of the trio has distinct personalities. Amber is hesitant yet supportive. Scout is strong and pretty easy going. Pekin, while insecure and a bit naive is an adventurous and positive person.

I did have a few minor issues with the book in general. First that Pekin is 15 and going to the Junior/Senior Prom. My child skipped a grade and will still be 16 by Prom, so if anything, she just seems too young to be a junior. I read a lot of YA, and the trios ages fit YA, yet the storyline, dialogue etc fits middle grade. If anything, I would have made them younger, as it is labeled under “Children’s” for the genre. But it is a fun read and there are definitely more adventures in store for Pekin and her friends.

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