Touch of Smoke, Karissa Laurel

Rikki has left town after a terrible accident which took her best friend Mina. Because of the way the story unfolds, through the past and present, we’re not told the reason right off, which adds an air of mystery surrounding her Mina’s death.

When she meets Owen there’s just something about him that draws her in. He’s in town because after life in the army, he wants to settle down where it’s quiet. But Rikki has plans. She’s headed off to graduate school and out of the small town lifestyle, where nothing is a secret because everyone knows your business. But what if Owen wants to try, at least for the summer? If she gives in, then she might lose her heart as well as her dreams.

This is labeled as a paranormal romance, and while for a good portion of the book you get a hint of paranormal, that part doesn’t really kick in until later on. This isn’t a slight against the book at all because I gave this 5-stars, it’s a super fun read. Infusing Islamic Mythology into a paranormal story is a fresh and unique take on the paranormal genre. The characters are detailed and well thought out and the storyline is immensely engaging. Rikki is an assertive and strong main character, she’s smart and she knows what she wants. The connection between Rikki and Owen is palpable. Owen is a deep man, and when asked, he tells Rikki “I think…you could shatter me completely.” *swoon* I might have found my next book boyfriend. Such a great read!

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