Guarded Dreams, L.J. Evans

Ava loves music. She’s extremely talented at writing and singing. While trying to escape the future her father dreams of, she hides out at his summer house for a few days before she heads to the next step in her journey. Imagine her surprise when 3 guys show up that she wasn’t expecting.

Eli and his friends Mac and Truck have agreed to paint their instructor’s house for a free week at the coast. Nothing can beat some time off and the healing ocean air. Each of them is taken with Ava’s voice, but know she’s off limits. She’s their instructor’s daughter, and she’s only 19. But Eli is drawn to her, there’s something about her he’s not sure he can stay away from.

I think sometimes in life, we cross paths with those who touch our soul, and it’s obvious from the start that this is true for Eli and Ava. But sometimes we have paths in life that we must follow, even if it leads us away from the one we just might spend our lives with.

I love how feisty Ava is. She’s sure of herself, ahead of her age, she’s smart and talented, and so incredibly strong. I love how Eli knows what he wants, how he’s not afraid to share what he’s feeling. I love these two together. As Eli says from the beginning “The energy was coming off her in waves, like an undertow, and I was going down.” *swoon*. These are two amazing characters, and we cannot forget about Mac and Truck. Both are great supporting characters and I would be more than happy if they each got their own turn at true love.

I have a particular fondness of Ava, because she’s had it so rough in life, and she still perseveres. I was so proud of her when she realized, she is more than her past. When she says “But being broken doesn’t mean you can’t love and be loved. Sometimes, you just need someone who loves you enough to help you see the full brilliance left inside after all the breaks.” That’s the strength I was talking about.

I can’t mention much more and keep spoilers from this, but I loved this book so much. It was such a fun and heartfelt read and I loved being on this journey with Ava and Eli. L.J. writes such wonderful books. Each chapter is themed around a song, which is such a unique and creative way to go about writing, I imagine it’s quite the challenge. Guarded Dreams is a book you don’t want to miss.

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