Council of Souls, Jen Printy

I hadn’t read book 1 in the series before starting this, and while there were a few things that I feel I missed, I was able to follow the story easily enough. But I will definitely be going back to read book 1 (and hope a book 3 is in the works).

Jack and Leah are looking for their happy ever after, but they’ve learned that she’s going to have to work on the council. She’s going to have to reap souls, something that she’d never thought she would have to do. Starting off her training with their friend Artagan, the first trip out weighs heavily on her. The only upside to her training is that she’s learning abilities she didn’t know she had, and she’s much stronger than anyone thought possible.

But of course, her seat on the council means that someone else didn’t get it, and the other members aren’t happy about it. So we follow Leah not only as she learns to reap, but as she tries to work with Death and the other members.

As I said, I will be going back to read book 1 so I can see Jack and Leah’s journey to date, but I really like them together. They have a very long and interesting history, and they are in a new predicament that I must find out about, which is why I’m anxious for the next book. Council of Souls was very well-written, the story is engaging, and the characters are all incredible, even the ones you don’t want to like are good at being bad. A very fun story.

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