That's Not What Happened, Kody Keplinger

This is my first book by Keplinger, and while I recognize quite a few of her other titles, I think this was a very good starting point into her work. Here’s my review:

Three years ago a student brought a gun to Virgil County High School in which 9 students lost their lives. Lee lost her best friend Sarah and on that day, a lie came out about Sarah that wasn’t true. But she didn’t speak up and the lie spread like wildfire into the community. While one girl tried to correct it, Lee didn’t. Now, 3 years later, Sarah’s parents are releasing a book, and Lee wants to speak out about the lie. But no one believes her, it has gained too much strength to be believed as anything other than the truth. So Lee sets out to prove that Sarah wasn’t who people are saying she is. But her journey is revealing more about that day and the 6 survivors than she ever thought possible.

I thought the characters and the storyline were compelling, and while I didn’t agree with what Lee was doing, I could see her reasoning. I also appreciated that Lee suffered from PTSD and the author’s excellent portrayal of what us sufferers go through. It wasn’t until Lee asked the other survivors to write a letter to help her clear the air that I started to become invested in those characters and their stories. But it was a unique way to go into depth about who they were as people and what they had endured.

Clearly, this wasn’t going to be an easy story to read because it was such a tragedy, one that we face all the time in America. But I think it was brave of Keplinger to write about this, and I appreciate that they did. It was interesting in that it approaches the shooting in the past tense, and we learn about it through retrospect. Overall a good read.

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