My Life as Kelsey, Victoria Anders

My Life as Kelsey is a quick and easy read and Kelsey is a likable character. I suspect she has a bit of PTSD from what I consider abuse from her mother. Raised to think that men are evil she isn’t allowed to date. She isn’t allowed to have a life outside of schoolwork and her mother pushes her hard. Upon her mother’s death, her grandmother tells her that her mother had no reason for hating men. When she learns of her father and goes to live with him, we find out that what her grandmother had said is true, Adam is a good man.

We follow Kelsey from her life working at an amusement park, to moving in with her father, and her experience with dating. She’s having a hard time trusting her boyfriend Stone because of the years her mother brainwashed her into thinking men only wanted one thing and then they would leave. It’s making for a bumpy first relationship, but Stone is a good guy. He might have had a rough past, but he sticks with Kelsey, he’s caring, understanding, and patient. The only thing I’m left unsure of is why her mother put Kelsey through such hell.

I review and edit a ton of books and it’s rare that a first, Indie published book is so well edited. I found one spelling mistake, and the rest was absolutely flawless. The cover is what drew me into this book, and from the start, I was hooked. Anders has done a superb job in her premier book. She’s definitely an author to watch for, and I for one am anxious for the next book.

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