Dreamland, Nick Clausen

Louie couldn’t remember his father, he was only one when he died. But lately, when he falls asleep, he’s been visiting a place called Dreamland, and in Dreamland, he gets to meet his father. Over time, as his father gets to know Louie, Louie learns what his father was like as a man, husband, and father. He’s coming to treasure his time with his dad but his time in Dreamland is not without repercussions.

He’s always tired when he wakes up, he’s spending more and more time in Dreamland, and his relationship with his mother is suffering. These days he’s having trouble staying awake. Perhaps there is more to Dreamland than Louie realizes, something sinister.

So this was an interesting story that took a dark twist. While I didn’t trust Louie’s father at first, it wasn’t until later on in the book when some of what his father was saying came across as anything other than fatherly advice. Louie’s behavior took a dangerous turn as he was sneaking out, lying, and interfering with his mother’s relationship. Dreamland was an easy read, it was well-written with good characters, and it carries a good element of horror to an otherwise innocent story. Very well done.

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