Lock Every Door, Riley Seger

As you can see from my previous reviews today, I got a ton of reading done this weekend, it was a nice, relaxing weekend and it felt good to catch-up. I’ve not read Seger before, and while I didn’t completely love this book, I am interested in reading something else of his as he’s got great reviews. Here’s my review of Lock Every Door:

In NYC, The Bartholomew is an apartment building that’s very exclusive to get into, the wait list can take years, and it doesn’t come cheap. The owners don’t like the apartments to sit empty, so they hire people to live there short term and with generous pay. Who wouldn’t want a free apartment for 3 months and $12,000?

So when Jules, who loses her boyfriend and job in one day reads a vague ad on Craigslist looking for a house sitter, she answers the ad. Imagine her surprise when she learns it’s to apartment sit in The Bartholomew. During her interview, she’s given some strict rules about living there. She’s to maintain the privacy of those that live there, she must not sleep elsewhere, and no one else can sleep over. While a bit strict, she agrees, and she’s got herself a new apartment, and she’s going to earn some desperately needed cash.

But as Jules is known to do, she starts snooping and realizes that some of the other girls that were house sitters had up and disappeared into the night. Most importantly, she’s made friends with Ingrid, the girl in the apartment directly below hers, and Ingrid has up and left in the middle of the night as well. Jules is desperate for answers and she’s willing to break the rules to find them.

Lock Every Door felt a bit like a book I had already read, and I kept experiencing déjà vu while reading. But alas, it’s not published yet, so maybe I just have a wild imagination. The characters aren’t all that deep, so you don’t really get attached to any of them. I felt that once the story’s pace picked up (towards the very end), it did so at a breakneck pace, taking a twist that seemed a bit out there. But I shrugged and kept reading because I was almost done and I will say, the twist was imaginative and unique. I felt Jules was a bit too invested in the missing girls, especially with Ingrid whom she had known a day. Overall, Lock Every Door is an interesting story, a thriller that keeps you about guessing what is going on.

You can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub, and while reading, give it a “like”. Lock Every Door is available for preorder on Amazon for $12.99, it releases July 2nd.