Son of Cirque, Kailee Reese Samuels

Despite the fact that I’ve read Kailee since the start, I thought I would be prepared for Nico, I wasn’t quite, not enough. Son of Cirque starts off with a bang, well, a murder, and it isn’t a pretty one. His father, the very Delarte Cristos can’t handle his dark and violent tendencies anymore. So he has two options, be sent away or head off to military school. Choosing the former, he goes to live with Serene. If you’re a fan of Samuels, you know Serene, and you know this is going to get good.

Nico is scary and he can go to some dark places, but still, a man that you could feel safe alone with. Though you need to guard your secrets close because Nico is a man who listens and files it away for a later date. A man who unapologetically goes after what he wants, and right now, Serene is what he wants. But he has a bit of growing up to do, some training needs to be done, and with Serene’s help, he will get there.

So many things have come to light in Son of Cirque, intricate pieces have settled into place like bricks into mortar. A sturdy foundation has been built and some needed answers have arisen. We’ve learned more about Serene, Kaci, Sal’s origins, and so much more. I absolutely love the world that Kailee has created and I always get excited when I see delicious secrets revealed, that tie in the old and the new. Very well done!

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. Son of Cirque is available for preorder on Amazon for $2.99 and releases May 21st.