The Second Life of Eddie Coyne, Louis K. Lowy

Eddie is on the verge of losing everything he loves because of his addiction to gambling. The mortgage is behind and the bills are piling up. Even though his wife Carley loves him, she can’t take much more. Then Eddie makes it big at the track, only his bookie overhears and wants that winning ticket for himself, which doesn’t end well for Eddie.

Being a betting man, we watch Eddie negotiate a deal with the Jesses, three chances at stopping someone from committing suicide. Succeed just once, and the Jesses will send him upstairs rather than down for all of eternity. One final bet that Eddie must win.

In the process of helping the people he’s been tasked to try and save, Eddie learns about himself, about what really matters in life, and he comes to realize the many mistakes he had made. I thought the three people that Lowy has Eddie help were wonderful choices. The storyline is unique and the characters were well thought out. Once the story picked up it was hard to put down. Nicely done.

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