The Revenge Plan, Linda Kage

I have mixed feelings about The Revenge Plan, but because I like the overall story, I’m giving it 4 stars. It’s a typical case of girl (Haven) sees boy (Topher) cheating on her and wants to get revenge. Though the story has revenge in it, it’s more about Haven and Wick, which I’m glad, because Wick is a really good guy.

I like these two together, they’re cute and endearing. There are some really great characters that come into play in The Revenge Plan, mainly Wicks sisters, they counterbalance his seriousness. I haven’t read Kage before but I imagine because this book is part of a series, that we will meet them in other books. If that’s the case, then she’s got a new fan. Topher was the biggest ass, and Kage wrote him well.

But there are things I didn’t like about the book, and I’m going to list them because they stood out enough for me to make notes while reading. The chapters where Haven’s cousins came in was completely random and felt like filler. I imagine they are from other books and so she wanted to tie them in, but it didn’t move the story forward and was just another piece in this unending book. Seriously, Amazon says there are over 500 pages to this. It felt like it was never ending, and chapters just kept getting added. A lot of the drama was high school drama and minus the sex scene, could have been a YA read.

Speaking of the sex scene, probably one of the worst lines I’ve read in a long time: “A good full, though. So full and delicious, in fact, that my inner thighs tightened around all the hard, hot fullness.” I think we get it, it’s full. Lastly, Haven thought to herself that she was “…feeling young and free…” I should hope she’s feeling young, she’s 21. It’s inner dialogue like that which is unnecessary that made the story so long.

But when I take out what I didn’t like about the book, and think about what I did like, then it’s a good book. As I said, I love these two together, they make a great couple. Their relationship is swoony, and wholesome (until it isn’t wholesome, which is good too). Overall, a fun read.

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