Holding Out For Paris, Gabrielle Ashton

Lizzie is living the dream. A lover of books, she’s in Paris as an aspiring author. When she’s not tutoring, she spends her time reading around Paris’ many cozy cafes. Until she discovers the love of her life has been lying to her and her world collapses. Worrying for his sister’s well-being, her brother Sebastian sends his best friend Spencer to check on her. Lizzie had a crush on him when she was younger, but crushes fade in time, don’t they?

I really liked Lizzie, she’s strong and assertive, and she’s a bookworm, which gives her best friend status in my book. Spencer is a genuinely good guy and while he’s never had a serious girlfriend, he knows how to treat women. It doesn’t hurt that he’s very easy on the eyes. I really like these two together, their chemistry is off the charts.

Ashton writes some great characters, and I really liked Lizzie’s roommate, Sophia. (I would love to see her get her own book.) She has a great personality, she’s fun, and tell’s it like it is. Especially when it comes to Amaury, who I of course, absolutely hate. The author did a great job of making him a sleazy guy. This is Ms. Ashton’s premier novel, and she has done a superb job. She’s an excellent storyteller and definitely an author to watch for. Very well done!

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. Holding Out For Paris will be releasing June 13th. Right now it is available for preorder on Amazon in paperback for $14.99. I will come back and update with an e-book link when it comes available.