Wandering in Wonderland, Aislinn Honeycutt

Jessica wakes in a hospital scared and confused. When the White Rabbit, Horace, tells her she has died and takes her to Wonderland, she quietly takes it all in, accepting his words as truth. What follows is a wild adventure where Jessica threatens the balance the residents have worked so hard to achieve But what if they’re wrong? What if Jessica means for good, as Alice had?

This was a pretty quick read with a great setting. The characters weren’t overly deep but they were extremely likable. I especially liked Farren and Trilby. I got a bad vibe from Horace right from the beginning, like he had an ulterior motive, and Honeycutt did well writing him. The original Alice didn’t play a huge role, but her quest to find The Mad Hatter, Rorie, was a good plot addition.

Overall this was fairly well-written. If there was a negative for me, it would be that the ending felt rushed. But I’m excited to know that this is a first in series, which means we get more to read. I liked that Honeycutt was all inclusive with her characters as it’s refreshing to see. I only found the original Alice in Wonderland a few years ago and became immediately obsessed, so it’s nice to see an author doing a retelling. Nicely done.

For now you can read my review on Amazon and Goodreads. Wandering in Wonderland is available for on Amazon for $3.99.