The Ganga Shift, Mary Bernsen

After many years living a rough life, Isabella lands in prison. But it’s when she’s moved to a lab and experimented on that things get weird. She’s given injections and deemed defective as they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. She’s thrown into a cell with Chase and Brayden, hoping to stir things up, because the head of Operation Gene Re-sequencing is not a good guy.

Chase is a Hindi healer, he’s calm, and he’s drawn to Isabella’s aura. Brayden is more high energy, but he’s also drawn to Isabella. Despite the fact these men now turn into animals, literal animals, they both want to protect her at all costs. So when the head decides to throw them into a pit, in a Hunger Games shifter style situation, Isabella’s only goal is to survive.

Isabella is something special, and the more we spend time with her, the more we realize it. I was drawn to Chase from the beginning and have grown fond of this unlikely trio. From start to finish, this book was hard to put down. It’s well-written with such fun elements that the author leaves you wanting more, and I feel there are more books about this trio just waiting to be written.

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