The Devil's Own, K.A. Fox

Ms. Fox was kind enough to send me her author copy of The Devil’s Own so I could read and review it. I really love the cover and the picture does not do it justice.

Someone is taking out local girls working in bars and Delaney wants to take him down. She’s confident that all the defensive training she’s received can be put to good use. I mean, her father has excellent resources to train her, he is the devil after all. But now, something or someone is coming after Laney, but why?

Even though she’s chosen her home for a reason, Laney’s father, Agnus, doesn’t like her living out in the middle of nowhere alone. So he’s sent along some protection and she’s going to have to get used to having some extra company while they wait for the inevitable.

There are some great characters in The Devil’s Own. Laney herself is strong and assertive, my most favorite kind of main character. Miss Tilly in town, who “sees” is a strict, no-nonsense woman, and I would love to see more of her and her abilities. Moose is a hellhound her father has sent, and he’s instantly likable. I wouldn’t mind a Moose of my own. Callum is a demon, he’s strong and talented, and even though he’s been ordered by Agnus to be there, you can tell he wants to be. The three of them are an unlikely trio and even though Laney is used to being alone, they might just break down the walls she’s built.

An unexpected man, a detective no less, enters the already crowded mix. Torren was an unexpected character in the story and I don’t have high hopes for him. He’s not an overly deep character and I wasn’t as drawn to him as the other characters. To me, Torren just doesn’t fit into the already existing Trio. I do have high hopes for Cal and I think the whole situation is easier with him because he lives this kind of life.

The writing and storyline are good. I thought Fox’s take on the devil was super fun. While I knew this was the first book, I was a bit disappointed that it’s more of a serial than a series, as you don’t get a wrap-up and will need the following books to finish the story. But, Fox has me hooked, and I cannot wait to continue Laney’s story and see where the story takes us. Overall a really fun read!

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