Devoted, Emery Skye

Anna wants nothing more than to be a warrior. But her sister Amalie keeps getting in trouble and trying to be the protective older sister Anna is, her sister’s trouble turns into her own. The school keeps giving them punishments that just don’t seem to stick. But for some reason, they haven’t been expelled. Although their newest venture might do just that.

Let’s start off by saying that Anna is a really angry person. She’s pretty rude to everyone she runs into, including the school gossip Taylor. While Taylor can get on your nerves, I don’t feel she deserves the level of hostility that Anna gives. Anna also holds a lot of secrets that probably need to be shared considering the gravity of them. Her younger sister Amelie is a wreck. She has no respect for her sister because she is always getting into major trouble, for a guy no less. I just think that if my future at the school was on the line, and it was putting my sister in trouble, I would chill out, or find a better way to hide all the illegal activities I’m doing.

The heart of the story, Angels protecting humans, at a school to determine their life goals is a really neat premise. The Dark World is an imaginative place and it will be interesting to see how that develops in future books. But I have mixed feelings about Devoted, because I really love the storyline and what can be done with it, and I think with some editing, it can be a really great book. There are a few plots that don’t get resolved, and I don’t know if those will be addressed in later books or not. I know often times an Indie Author’s first book will need revisions after they develop their craft, and that’s why I’m looking forward to book 2. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Anna.

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