The Veil of Ashes, S. Usher Evans

Brynna is hiding out, letting the city and those that care about her think she’s dead. But when she wanders back into the city, things are worse than she feared. She wants her city back and will fight to get it back. But she needs to do it without the current ruler knowing she’s alive, which is tricky when there are spies everywhere. Can Brynna rise again as the Veil, or will it prove to be too much?

Ahh, Brynna, you shining beacon of hope, how I have missed you from book 1. I picked up book 2 easily and got right into the thick of things. The thing I love about Brynna is her strength and resilience, and she proves time and again just how much she will keep fighting for what’s right. I was feeling on the fence with Felix in book 1, and I think Usher has done a great job of redeeming him. Because if anyone should know she’s alive, it’s those that cared for her most.

The magic that is involved in this series is so much fun, it’s creative, and it’s added as a good mix to the storyline. This is a fantastical world which Evans has created and we are always learning more about it with each new city or magic element. Evans is great at creating wonderful characters and an engaging storyline. Once you start reading, it’s impossible to put down, and when you find yourself out of pages, you’re desperate to read more. A fantastic addition to the series!

You can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub, give it a “like” if you’ve enjoyed it. The Veil of Ashes is available for preorder on Amazon for $3.99, it releases July 9th.