When Sally Comes Marching Home, Richard Milton

Now that the war has been won, Major Sally Honeychurch (along with the other females in her unit) have been let go, they have served their purpose and they’re no longer needed in the war effort. But there’s more waiting for Sally, so much more.

The book starts off with a bang as she helps transport, and then assemble key components of an atom bomb as part of The Manhattan Project. She’s earned the trust and respect of scientists and officials alike. It’s because of that respect that she’s called in for a major threat to London. Her superior isn’t taking her seriously, she is a woman after all. Intent on finding the culprit, Sally discovers secrets not meant to see the light of day. Secrets that might help her discover who is behind all of this. Through her hard work, she starts to get noticed by her superiors, and they start to trust her, especially when she starts delivering results.

Milton has given us some fantastic characters. Sally herself is a great main character because she’s strong and assertive. When faced with a task, she doesn’t quit. Vera, a former spy herself is a wealth of invaluable secrets and advice. But the years of being undercover has taken a toll on her well-being. Mac is a great resource for her, he trusts her and her intuition.

I absolutely love Historical Fiction, and Milton has hit a home run with this one. It’s incredibly well-researched, and the story is fantastic. The last quarter of the book gets intense making it impossible to put down. You will definitely find yourself a big cheerleader for Sally, an excellent read.

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