Midnight’s End, Jill Ramsower

Jill is a one-click author for me, I love her writing and I love her personality. She is such a fun and happy person. I’ve included some teasers and stalker links at the bottom of my review, so be sure to keep scrolling!

Morgan is confined in a home thanks to Merlin. Unable to use her magic and unable to escape, she has no idea how she’s going to get the cauldron she’s been seeking. At least she’s finally on Seelie lands, something she’s spent a lifetime trying to do.

Knight was Merlin’s trusted wolf, rescued from the Red Caps he has no memories of his life before that awful time. No a man and troubled about who he really is, the cauldron could restore his memories and piece together his past for him.

Wow! This was such a fun read for me because I was sure that I hated Morgan in the previous books, and she’s a lot more likable character than I gave her credit for. While at times I feel she brushed off a few things she shouldn’t have, or was ignorant to the repercussions of her actions, she felt they were justified. Knight was a surprise for me because I wasn’t sure what kind of character I was expecting, but for a man who doesn’t remember his past, he sure knows what he is doing.

These two are amazing together, and as Morgan says herself “I was nothing and everything in this man’s arms.” *swoon*. I have so much more respect and empathy for Morgan knowing her story and everything she has suffered. It hasn’t been an easy road for her and she handled it as well as she could have. Midnight’s End is a fabulous addition to The Fae Games series, it’s well-written with fantastic characters, the perfect amount of paranormal and heat. Very well done!

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