The Book Charmer, Karen Hawkins

I didn’t know that this was a book 1 when I received it, so I’m happy that there are going to be more Dove Pond books in the future because I grew to love the residents of Dove Pond.

Sarah loves books, they speak to her, literally. They’re either telling her what to do or they’re telling her whom she needs to give them to. So growing up to become the town librarian seems the likely future for her, and she loves her job. She’s always had high hopes for Dove Pond and her role to play in its future.

Grace doesn’t want to be in Dove Pond. She’s left a good paying job to come here for her foster mother, whose dementia is getting worse. She’s also raising her niece after the death of her sister. It’s not easy but she will be in and out of town in a year, that’s the plan at least.

The talking books and color changing flowers made this a whimsical read. The characters were excellent in their personalities. Grace was really unlikable because of her attitude because she was judgmental, but she played that role well. Travis, star quarterback and Valedictorian turned mechanic had PTSD and I really appreciate that the author included this in her book. Sarah was a bit pushy in trying to friend Grace, but she had her reasons, and Grace needed her as much as the town needed Grace. A heartwarming and amusing read.

You can read my review on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub as The Book Charmer is available on Amazon for $9.99.