Fate Came Calling, Kurt Bryan

Fate Came Calling is based on the life of Warren Vest and is told as if Warren is telling the story to his grandson. We start out in 1954 when Warren gets a job bringing cattle to Australia. Warren tends to have a lot of luck meeting friendly and hospitable people along his journey. He’s got a great personality and that draws people to him. Because of that, he gets to see parts of the world he never imagined.

However, his dream is to become a pilot and to achieve that he enrolls in the military. He works hard and that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and so he soars (pun intended) through the ranks to become a pilot and later on, a pilot for World Airways.

This was an easy and enjoyable read. Vest has accomplished so much in his lifetime, with the help of a supportive family. He spent a long time away from his wife, but they endured because of her history flying. Bryan did a great job giving us Warren’s story, which covers many decades and many countries. Nicely done.

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