Swan Girl, Isa Briarwood

In book one, A Drop of Blue, Cate had gotten sent to The Village from 1972 America, Angus from 1948 China, only time travel wasn’t new to Angus. Now, in Swan Girl, the year is 2083. Angus and Katie have made it through the time machine from The Village. Safe from the horrors that were going on, they should be able to rest easy. Only, they need to go back to the Village and shut the project down. They need to help everyone there go back to their own time period.

Swan Girl was as much about life outside The Village as it was in. For a time, Cate had to make some tough decisions regarding her future. The Village is a creative and scary invention as far as the imagination of Briarwood. The future is fun and imaginative, the advancements humans have made is pretty incredible.

With the exception of a few inconsistencies that the author can easily fix, this is a super fun read. There was a great level of detail that went into each aspect of the book, from Angus’ family’s inventions, to life inside The Village, to the discovery of Atlantis, it’s all very creative. An enjoyable read.

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