A Nearly Normal Family, M.T. Evardsson

Stella has been accused of killing Christopher, a man she had been dating. Her parents knew nothing about the relationship, but that is typical of 17-year-olds. We learn about the story through 3 different perspectives, through her father, Stella, and her mother, in that order. We learn what really happened that fateful night and so much more.

I think a lot of people didn’t like Stella, and she was rebellious and a bit oblivious of her actions, but I liked her. I personally think she had some undiagnosed bi-polar because of her rage issues, but maybe not. Edvardsson did create a bit of an unlikable character with her, but she’s a typical teen, sort of, and I found myself cheering her on.

As for our other characters, I didn’t like the father, Adam, and I felt that there was something more going on with him. That we were on the edge of discovery but never really told what it was. When he was telling his story, he seemed to put a lot of the blame for things on other people, (and I do realize reviewers saying Stella did this).

The mother, Ulrika, seemed like a typical mother torn between work and family. We get the impression from Adam that she was worried about her worth as a mother, and that she was distant, but I don’t get that vibe from Stella or Ulrika, so I’m deeming Adam an unreliable narrator. Stella’s best friend Amina is also at the center of things here, and I was curious as to some of the things revealed about her in Adam’s portion, but those things were never revisited. It’s clear these two are thick as thieves, friends, and sisters for life.

The story came together well in the ending. I had a few books going when I started this and completely abandoned them because I wanted to know what happened, who was really responsible for Christopher’s murder, and why. A great read with excellent, well-developed characters. Nicely done.

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