One Taste of Redemption, Amanda Siegrist

We met Newman in previous books, and he wasn’t all that likable of a character, but I think One Taste of Redemption is going to make you change your mind about him. He’s home, nursing his wounds from losing his job as a detective when Amelia shows up at his door. Her 13-year-old brother is missing and she doesn’t care that the local police just think he’s run away, she knows differently, and she feels Newman is the only one that can find him.

Amelia has had to endure a lot in life. A father was abusive and her mother dumped her brother Adam off with her before taking off. But despite her rough past, Amelia has come out swinging. She’s not afraid to talk about what she’s gone through. She’s an incredibly brave character and if there’s anyone that can help Newman learn to forgive himself, Amelia is it.

I like these two together and no matter how much Newman wants to beat himself up about his past, Amelia is right there with him. The book is titled Redemption so you know someone is going to work on earning it. Very well-written with a hint of characters from the series we’ve come to love, this is a wonderful addition to the series. Nicely done.

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub. One Taste of Redemption is available for preorder on Amazon for 99 cents, it releases July 23d.