Her Crown of Fire, Renee April

Rose is just your typical everyday girl, who is starting to have prophetic dreams and can suddenly manipulate fire. Her best friend Tyson is supportive of her, and her biggest cheerleader. Only somehow, they’ve found a portal to a new land, Lutheria, and it appears they’re stuck there.

Rose is sent off to the academy, being part mage, and Tyson needs to go into hiding because it isn’t safe for him here. Rose has really taken with her new life. She’s made friends and she was able to find where Tyson was spirited off to. Even though they have a life elsewhere, Rose and Tyson are doing their best to carry on with their new lives until they can figure out a way home.

The academy itself is really impressive. The talents of the students, the classes and specializations are creative. There are some really great characters and I’m particularly fond of Rose’s instructor, Arno. The entire world is so imaginative I found myself wanting to live there, though perhaps not under the academy rule. Rose is a wonderful main character because she’s strong, she’s curious, and she’s pretty badass.

I needed to sit on this book a few days before I could start this review because it’s a lot to process. I’m pretty blown away with the fact that this is Renee’s first book. I loved Her Crown of Fire and you’re probably not going to hear me shut up about it. It’s creative and imaginative, a super fun read.

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