The Fiercest Star, Julia DeBarrioz

Dakota has picked up a new case looking for a missing man, Luis. His longtime girlfriend doesn’t know his whereabouts. But Luis is in a line of men, lycanthropes, who have been going missing lately. Dakota isn’t sure where to start, but she’s great at her job as a Bounty Hunter working with the PCT. She’s going to have to rely on her connections to figure out what is going on, and if she wants to help Diego take down Federico.

I developed a bit of a crush on Dakota in the first book, Compañera, and it gets stronger with every book. If you love strong leading ladies, this series is for you. Dakota is fierce, she’s sassy, and she’s strong. People do fear her, with good reason, but she has a good moral compass. She embodies strength and is a symbol of hope. She never backs down even when it lands herself in trouble.

She’s also working on this relationship with Diego, who I absolutely adore. I want to see what happens with this connection they share, what it means for her and their relationship. There has been great change in both the vampire and shifter world and Dakota is at the center of it. The Fiercest Star is well-written, it’s got a perfect mix of supernatural and romance. The characters are wonderful and you get drawn into their story.

As for how great this cover is? I’ve learned from stalking, I mean following, DeBarrioz on Insta that she drew this herself. How amazing is that? Anyone that follows my reviews know I love when a book is part of a true series, being able to be read alone and together, and this series is exactly that. Though you are going to want to start with Dakota from the beginning. The Fiercest Star is a wonderful addition. Very well done!

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. The Fiercest Star is available for preorder on Amazon for $2.99, it releases July 23rd.