Caitlin's Song, John A. Heldt

Caitlin’s Song focuses on Caitlin in the 4th book of the series, but as with the other books, John breaks the story up from multiple Carson family points of view to give the readers a complete picture. Caitlin is still trying to find her place after the loss of Casey. Her family is still trying to reconnect with their parents after almost 2 years of chasing them through time. They were able to connect with Nick’s uncle Jack and he’s worked to get the twins into college, which will be a great distraction for Caitlin, and perhaps she might meet someone new.

Who knew time travel was so tricky? After two years, they’ve definitely realized what a mess this has all become, but the Carson’s don’t let those complications stop them from trying to connect their family. They’ve also got some extras they’ve picked up along the way that they want their parents to meet. I’ve always liked Caitlin, she’s strong and incredibly smart.

I think all the children have grown incredibly through this journey. The storyline is ever-growing and completely engaging, which keeps it fresh and exciting. The characters are well-developed and they all play important roles in each other’s books. There’s just the right amount of suspense to keep you on edge. A truly fun read.

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