This Pale Mortal Shell, D. Elizabeth Ayers

Madison’s rock star husband Tristan has died. she can’t inherit the millions he’s left behind, that she so desperately needs unless she spends 3 months living with his brother in England. His half-brother Joseph lives in the cottage that Tristan owns, and he can’t inherit the cottage unless he agrees to the living arrangement as well.

Madison is an upbeat person and Joseph is cantankerous, he’s a hard worker who is set in his ways. He goes to work to build unsinkable boats and straight home with very little socializing. The two are like night and day and neither of them wants this living arrangement. So when Tristan’s ghost starts appearing and talking to Madison, Joseph thinks she’s crazy. Only he’s seeing brief flickers of his dead brother, and the stories that his mother and Tristan had told him over time start to come back to him. What exactly is his brother up to?

This was a really fun story. I liked Madison because she was fun and down to earth, she wasn’t what you picture a Hollywood wife to be, and that made her a great character. Joseph was a little hard to like because he was so unbelieving and so closed off. But he grows on you the more you get to know him. It was a good storyline with nicely developed characters, a good mix of paranormal with romance thrown in. A really fun read.

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