The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

I needed to sit on this book a few days before writing my review because I loved it so much, and I wanted to keep the magic all to myself. We start off with a bet, a game of sorts, and an incredible little girl, Celia, who can do things we would call magic. We then meet a young man who doesn’t have the name Marco until much later in life, but we are led to believe he will be Celia’s opponent. In what, we aren’t sure, and I think that lends to the air of mystery that surrounds The Night Circus.

A circus unlike any other, where instead of one giant tent, you have multiple. There are things you’ve never seen and you aren’t sure how they are even possible, but you are drawn in. You might never visit all the tents in a lifetime of visits, and that’s okay. At the center of this circus are Celia and Marco, the magic they create, and the game without clear rules. Heck, they didn’t even know each other was their opponent for years.

The other performers in the circus all had unique talents, some magical in their own right. The contortionist, the twins, Isobel and her ability to read cards, all made for a complete cast. I have a feeling I would have been one of the Rêveurs who followed the circus around, anxious to get as much of it in as I possibly could.

I’m amazed that people hated this book where I found only whimsy, secrets both delicious and horrible, but perfectly so, and the wild imagination of the author and the ability to make the reader feel included. I loved the details, I scoured the internet for such clocks that Friedrick created. I want such magic to exist in our world, to wander in childlike wonder at everything I could never imagine but always wanted, and Morgenstern has given us just that. Bravo!

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